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With nearly 4,000 in-network properties, and more than 3 million members worldwide, Resort Condominiums International is widely recognized as the global leader in timeshare exchange. Since its inception in 1974, RCI has been providing members with ultimate vacation flexibility and top-quality service. Today, Resort Condominiums International is the largest timeshare vacation exchange company in the world.

RCI offers multiple programs to help their members tailor their vacation ownership exchange to their specific needs. RCI offers two main programs for members to choose from, as well as multiple programs to act as supplements to their RCI subscribing member benefits.

RCI Weeks Program

The Weeks Program is RCI’s traditional timeshare exchange service. This program allows owners the opportunity to trade their time at their home resort for time at one of thousands of comparable resorts within the RCI timeshare network.

The process is quite simple and allows owners to:

  • Search thousands of available exchange advertisements.
  • Deposit their week into RCI’s network.
  • Request a week at a specific resort or area for the week number deposited.
  • Confirm their selected week, if available, or submit a new request with their personal RCI Guide.

RCI Points Program

The RCI Points Program is an enhanced service provided to owners of RCI timeshares that affords members even more flexibility to vacation where they’d like, when they’d like, and how they’d like. With an RCI Points membership, owners automatically receive a complimentary RCI Weeks membership, in addition to the superior benefits the RCI Points program provides.

This customizable program allows owners to:

  • Choose their location and the number of days they would like to stay.
  • Trade within the expansive RCI network of resorts, or stay at their home resort annually or biennially.
  • Choose from a wider range of seasons, units, and week types.
  • Bank or borrow points and customize vacations to suit particular preferences.
  • Rent a vehicle, book a cruise, a hotel room or airline tickets with the affiliated Points Partner Program.

With a Resort Condominiums International timeshare, you and your family can choose from thousands of destinations to visit every year or every other year. The perfect supplement to your timeshare purchase, an RCI membership will take you all over the world.

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