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When you become a member of Interval International (II), you join one of the largest timeshare exchange networks in the world. With an Interval International timeshare resort, you have the potential to travel to over 2,000 destinations worldwide. This membership will also open the door to additional vacations with their exclusive Getaways program. Interval has also created three unique membership types to cater to each owner.

Interval International-Affiliated Timeshare Resales and Rentals

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Interval International Membership Benefits

Interval International has three forms of membership: Interval, Interval Gold, and Interval Platinum. Each membership entitles you to exchange your vacation time for over 2,000 resorts worldwide. With 2 million Interval members, you have just as many opportunities to exchange for another available week or resort.

Interval Gold

With an Interval Gold Membership, you receive all the benefits of Interval but with more VIP perks. In addition to exchange capabilities, you also receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. With this rental car package you can earn bonus points towards free rental days. You will also receive discounts for over 90,000 restaurants and stores. These premium discounts can be used while traveling to your Interval timeshare or at home. Finally, Gold members are eligible to use Interval’s VIP concierge. This 24/7 guest assistance will help you plan your trip, secure your booking, and even make restaurant reservations.

Interval Platinum

As a Platinum member, you are entitled to all the benefits of Interval and Interval Gold. However, with the Interval Platinum Membership you receive perhaps the best gift of all: the chance to share your membership with friends or family. With this program you can request Guest Certificates that allow friends and family to use your resort time or Interval Getaways any time of the year. In addition to this, the Platinum level allows you to view Interval Resort Getaways before any members and even gain access to Interval timeshares exclusive to Platinum members. While you’re traveling, you will also benefit from priority airport lounge passes and complementary airfare vouchers.

How to Exchange with Interval International

Interval International makes it easy to exchange your vacation week or points. With amazing customer service and an easy-to-use website, your vacation will be booked before you know it!

  • II Exchange: The most common form of travel for Interval International members is the exchange program. In this more traditional method, timeshare owners can swap their vacation time for time within the II inventory. For those members that know they would definitely like to explore another vacation destination, the Deposit First program allows you to submit your week as soon as it becomes available. Once the week is submitted, members then have a three year window to choose another vacation. This option is great for those who are unable to travel every year. Interval International also offers a Request First program. With this option, owners can hold onto their home resort week until their desired exchange is confirmed. In addition to these options, members who have a points-based membership can also break up their vacation time into shorter, multiple trips through the ShortStay Exchange program.
  • II Getaways: Interval International Getaways allow you to enjoy extra vacations at affordable prices. In addition to your normal exchange, you can also reserve extra weeks for an additional fee. With Getaways you can travel to all of the Interval International resorts, including the most popular resorts and weeks. These trips are available in a similar to the traditional exchange method as they are on a first-come first-serve basis.

Interval International-Affiliated Timeshares for Sale and Rent

When you buy a timeshare that is affiliated with Interval International, you gain much more than a single ownership. With 2,000 additional destinations added to your home resort, there is no limit to the places you can explore. Many families choose an Interval International timeshare resale so that their vacation ownership can evolve as their travel needs do the same. For example, a family with young children may choose to buy a timeshare in Kissimmee to visit the theme parks that their children love. A decade later when the kids are older, Mom and Dad can use their Interval membership to enjoy a relaxing retreat with a Bahamas or Aruba timeshare exchange.

Before you buy an Interval-affiliated timeshare, you can also visit many of these resorts with an Interval International timeshare rental. Whether you are looking to rent an Interval timeshare or purchase a resale, offers some of the most competitive prices on the market. That means by purchasing on the secondary market, you will receive significant savings.

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