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The time share industry is stronger than it has ever been before - and those aren't our words. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), one of the industry's most trusted organizations, an impressive 82% of timeshare owners are satisfied with their vacation properties. And this percentage does not take into account the flourishing rental side of the industry.

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Vacation Ownership

For individuals and families who vacation regularly, timeshare ownership is a cost-effective alternative to conventional holiday lodging. Prepaying a fixed rate for the annual use of a vacation timeshare is much less expensive over time than accumulating hotel bills year after year.

Time share ownership provides three main benefits:

  1. Convenience – As a vacation owner, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your timeshare vacations are guaranteed; you never have to worry about vacancies again.
  2. Savings – With a time share, you also never have to worry about inflating prices in the travel sector; by paying in advance for your accommodations you can save thousands over the lifetime of your ownership.
  3. Flexibility – Vacation timeshares are available in more than 5,400 lavish resorts worldwide, and thanks to exchange companies which enable you to trade your timeshare for others of similar value, you can visit any or all of them!

Some people mistakenly believe that once they invest in timeshare vacation ownership, they have to visit that same resort every year. The truth is, nearly 80% of owners buy with the specific intention of exchanging their time shares regularly.

Timeshare By Owner & Time Share Brokers

One of the main reasons for the success and growth of the timeshare industry in the past ten years has been the expansion of the resale market – a development that has benefited consumers and companies like Timeshare Hot Deal alike.

The resale market has two main segments: timeshares by owner and timeshare brokerage companies. There are advantages to both alternatives, depending on your budget and your needs. If you are thinking about buying a time share and would like more information on which option is right for you, please visit our informational page on timeshares for sale or call us now.

When you buy time share by owner or through a licensed timeshare broker (rather than purchasing your vacation ownership directly from a resort or developer), you can save between 30-65% (and sometimes more) on your timeshare vacation property. How? Vacation properties sold by developers include a substantial mark-up in pricing (often upwards of 50%) to cover extravagant marketing costs; time shares by owner or through a resale broker, on the other hand, are priced at or near the real market value of the property.

Time Shares for Rent – An Alternative to Time Share Ownership

Just as you can purchase a timeshare by owner on the resale market, you can also rent timeshares here as well. For those who aren't sure if timeshare vacation ownership is right for them, renting can be a great way to test the waters. And even if you aren't interested in timeshare ownership at this time, rental timeshares are a great alternative to traditional hotel rooms as they afford many more conveniences for about the same price:

  • Additional SpaceTime share rentals come in all shapes and sizes from studio rooms with kitchenettes to townhouses with dining rooms and gourmet kitchens.
  • Additional Privacy – With up to five private bedrooms, every member of your family can enjoy the alone time everyone craves – even on vacation.
  • Additional Amenities – Vacation timeshares are located within luxurious resort communities known for top-notch services and amenities like health spas, restaurants, tennis courts, golf courses and more.

Find Your Vacation Timeshare

With Timeshare Hot Deal, you can browse thousands of rental and resale timeshares by owner at your convenience, or you can opt to work with one of our experienced time share brokers who will do the work and research that you don't want to do!

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